weird dating site messages

Doomful Online Dating: The Sex Poem

If you’ve ever had anything as weird as this as a *first message* on a dating site, I NEED to hear from you…

IMG_20141201_172910_edit (1)

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Doomful Online Dating: Religious Indoctrination

To recap – these are messages I get from complete strangers. They are the first contact I have ever had from them…on a DATING SITE.

With regards to this one –  just say NO kids…

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Doomful Online Dating – 10th August


Yes, you are right I’m still looking sexy.
No, however I am still not replying.
Desperate much?

Doomful Online Dating – Lurking in my Inbox


So I must have missed this one.

Probably really missed out on my intellectual equal…Or not.

Man alive, I’m not even sure this was written by an adult…

Doomful Online Dating : Maniac Monday


As if earlier wasn’t enough…

“So, I was like listening to that 50 Cent track about all the questions, and thought I’d e-mail this girl on the dating site and try and ask her as many questions as possible…”

People that say “blessed” grate on my last nerve and all…


untitled(1)Just died of laughter and went to hell.

Really need to get #myheartwithpantsdown trending via our Twitter account later…

I’m not weird enough for this guy so won’t be replying again…