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Dating Horror Story: Mr ‘Flash Your Tits’

A short bedtime story, apologies for any bad dreams caused:

I had been speaking with Mr FYT for a few weeks. We had met on a dating website, found we had some common ground, and that we had attended the same university at the same time. It was all very civil, so we agreed to meet.

On the agreed meeting day he asked if I had any venue preference. I said I had a long day at work so I was absolutely starving, he said he had something in mind so I left it to him, thinking he knew somewhere we could eat near the station we’d agreed to meet at.

Just as I was about to get onto public transport to meet him, he messaged saying it might be nice to go to the park and to bring a drink. I’m not big into alcohol but thought it would be quite nice to have a cold drink in the park on a hot summer’s day. Oh how wrong I was…..

We met at the station which was near the park, the conversation was awkward on the walk there. Then he seemed to be leading me to a very specific bit of this park, almost as if he had been there before…..

We sat under a tree, conversation wasn’t going well. It all ended abruptly when he turned to me and said:

“So, you going to flash your tits at me?”

I was taken aback, there wasn’t any great amount of chemistry, he hadn’t made any attempt at intimacy, but was just expecting me to show him my boobs.

In my shock I didn’t tell him where to go, as I should have done (hindsight is beautiful isn’t it), but said ‘not until you’ve kissed me’.

Which he refused to do, for about 10 minutes, he then got up and said we were going to a different part of the park, the sun was beginning to set at this point, we got to another very specific tree and he said:

“You can suck me off here, no one will see”

At this point I quickly said it wasn’t going to work and walked off back to the station, and never heard from him again.

The incident leaves me bewildered to this day…

And there so ends another dating horror story.

What has your worst date been? Comment below and we’ll share more of ours


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Regardless of where I go, they find me…






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There’s no excusing what some people consider sexually fulfilling… (And I’m not sure how I can be labelled crazy, when your picture is under the definition of the word in the Dictionary…)

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So, one of my first posts was about a guy that was a bit of an Internet stalker. (And I said other rude, yet true things in my original blog.)
It turns out he wanted a second chance…And the above was the outcome of this, dedicated to all of those women that like to see a male ego crushed into tiny, tiny pieces. Then go up in flames.

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I think this is all said in jest…right?

But I made the “mistake” of replying as I seem to be slightly insane today…Watch this space…

Doomful Online Dating – Friday


By “very nice” I presume you are referring to the weather or some inanimate object? Is “War n Peace” the chav version of the timeless classic?

Oh, guess what. I’m not replying.

Daily Dating Disaster: Day 6


I’m not interested in old fashioned values and the new era ‘combined both’. Knowing me better is never just ‘not a bad idea’, but unfortunately your apparent use of google translate, and total lack of aesthetic appeal means I do not wish to know you
better. BLOCK.

Daily Dating Disaster: Day 5

This one has to go down as one of the most ‘special’ messages I’ve received in my online dating experience


I don’t know if I’m more disturbed content or the lack of literacy, but I’m definitely worried that this one is allowed to handle a weapon as part of his job!