A Woman Scorned #4

Hopping Along.

I am officially now single. A Woman Scorned #4 that is. I have partaken in many horrifically awkward dates and Kissed many frogs to find a prince (apparently I’m still working on that one)
I have not been single for around 5 years and There have been 5 boyfriends in that time. One looked like shrek, one wouldn’t let me go anywhere including to my parents house alone (like a body guard). One scarily resembled a weasel and had the courage of a teaspoon. Mr Obsessed (speaks for itself, read my other stories) and the most recent, the guy I thought was ‘the one’.

The gaps between relationships have been non existent as in literally hours or less than a day although I played the dating game with ‘the one’ for a while we were together in about 2 weeks.

I have now officially experienced heartbreak. It sucks. But I realised I finally have a chance to work on me. So i cleared my Facebook last night. Deleted about 500 people, it felt really empowering. Dyed my hair back to a natural colour! And today I am getting my hair and nails and tattoo done before meeting my bestie for a few drinks at a posh bar!

I feel completely crap but I’m really excited about the new person in my life I care about… Me!

I finally found out I can do it on my own and maybe I will meet someone but for now I’m giving they boys a break, they probably deserve it too!

I still have many dating horror stories to share though so don’t worry about that!


Mr Obsessed Diaries: Episode 3.

So by now y’all are familiar with the shenanigans of me and Mr Obsessed. The second meet should have rang more alarm bells than a fire station hears in a year within 10 minutes.

Why I engaged on this ridiculous miss-hap I shall never know. Maybe I read to many fairy tales of people being whisked away to far away lands? (I live on an Island, Anywhere is a far away land) It instead compared to Matilda being locked in the chokey.

I skipped a Friday afternoon of college to meet Mr Obsessed again, this time I got a boat to him and he picked me up in his swanky car and took me to his place… On an army camp. Let me point out now, this was after a lot of persuading and I thought it was easier to just go with it rather than fight it and get 100 calls and texts a day.

We had a take away and watched some films, I hadn’t even told my parents where I was or who I was with as I wasn’t sure they would be thrilled with their teenage daughter of gallivanting with a near 30 year old bloke they had never met. Or even knew I was talking to.

The weekend was okay for me until I switched my phone back on and discovered I had been reported missing. What followed should have completely thrown me but I somehow agreed with his logic.

He worked Monday – Friday. I couldn’t leave his room, I had no credit, no internet, Nothing. And Mr Obsessed just said it would do me good to only see him for a bit as he knew I was having major problems at home. It was like a prison. And he was in charge.

I spent all week in this one room. Under instructions to ignore the door and eat certain ration packs he had. I was starting to miss my friends no doubt even they were worried by now, and it wasn’t unusual for me to disappear for a night or two. Just not 6…

Eventually my auntie got in touch with me and we arranged for me to stay with her, my uncle and cousin which I was glad of, by that time I just wanted to leave the room I had counted the ceiling tiles of through boredom. And get away from Mr Obsessed telling me every inch of my life needed improvement with his “help”

I somehow drank nearly a litre of vodka before Mr Obsessed agreed to take me there which he made no effort to ask any questions even though it was possibly 4pm on a Friday and I couldn’t even walk. He stuck me in the car and drove me away. When I got to my auntie and uncles’ I’m pretty sure I instantly passed out on the sofa and awoke to a police woman at my feet asking many questions.

When I tried to talk about it to Mr Obsessed, the only responses I got where dismissive and like it was all my fault.

But he now had hold of me, after all he would claim he took me in when I had nowhere to go, he spoke to my auntie on the phone, he fed me. It was all going to be better with him… So he said.

the great man strop.


I guess its like relationship man flu. An ex girlfriend (me number 4) of the man strop phenomenon.

I’m not sure it’s blind ignorance or purposely being a complete twonk. Things like “why wont you give me a (millionth) chance” “did I ever mean anything to you” “was it just a laugh”

Here is the score mister; yes you obviously meant something, everything in fact until you turned into an emotional bully who tore away at everything good about my character without me noticing. Maybe that makes me the stupid one, who knows?

I have tried being nice and reasoning and then it got to harassing me (again) and the silence after was indeed golden. Sadly after not so long the silence is no longer bliss and a lovely message pops up which refers to activities in my very recent life…

I then discover Mr Stroppy has been stalking me via my friends without my knowledge for the past couple of months and he expects me to not be freaked out and just accept he ‘cares’ about me. NO. IN WHAT WORLD IS THIS ACCEPTABLE?!

The nice approach hasn’t worked so I decide to take my temper up a few notches and get yet more lies making me look the bad guy? CONFUSION.

So it’s my fault you controlled me, my fault you lie. My fault you decided to cause me to have a mental breakdown. And the fact of the matter is that I am, I repeat I AM the problem because I wont give you another hundred thousand chances. Congratulations! Misplaced brain of the year goes to you!

Just to enforce this, I am not a child. I do not want your children. I wouldn’t get with you if it was only us left on planet earth. I am not interested in the slightest and most importantly I AM NOT EVER putting up with your man strops at me again!

Mr Obsessed Diaries, episode 2; The Meet Up

After about 4 months of contact with this guy I had known for a few years but had seemingly dissapeared off the face of the earth (wishful thinking) for a majority of the time i had the misfortune to know him, we agreed to meet again.

When I say agree I mean “pleeeease see me, i love you so much i want you to have my babies, give me a chance” kind of talk until I agreed.

He met me from work one night and we went for a drive in his swanky car. He had travelled about 50 miles to see me and right from the off he was full on.

Within 10 minutes he was trying to play tonsil tennis with me, sadly for him, he kept hitting the net on his serve. I wasn’t disinterested, just figuring out what I was thinking of the situation.

He was staying in a hotel, I was staying at my boyfriend’s at the time (oops).

Never has anyone so forcefully tries to get me to stay in a hotel with them. I wasn’t seeing alarm bells, I just thought he was keen and really into me, and he thought I was playing hard to get.

Thankfully after a few hours of me repeating why I had to go home he drove me to my boyfriends and we agreed to meet in town the next day. So we did. I went into a shop to buy a top I had my eye on and he met me after telling me he bought me a present. It was a new phone (mine was well known for breaking and being old) which I said I couldn’t accept but he gave it to me anyway.

He gave me money to buy sexy underwear for that night when I was told I was staying with him. I bumped into some friends and was having a chat so he jumped in with “look at my job look at my car look at my new girlfriend” i managed to laugh it off.

He dropped me home after recklessly driving his car to try and impress me as I had work that evening. Again he picked me up and we drove to the hotel where there was champagne and roses waiting and i was blown away.

After mixing the champagne with some vodka most of the night is a blur, all I remember is being told to dump my boyfriend and having sex.

I woke up the next day a little worse for wear, clothes everywhere and feeling horridly guilty. Arms and legs everywhere and then I felt this weird feeling for this guy I thought for some reason he meant it when he said he loved me.

He woke up saying all the right things “morning beautiful” “you look so awesome” then “we would be so good together” I agreed to some point. Me being 17 over-romantasised sex for “making love” and basically fell for him there and then for no real reason other than he looked at me like he didn’t want me to leave and said all the right things.

His boat home was booked and we were saying goodbye until we decided I was staying in the car. I got on the boat home with him. Thankfully I saw sense and got the next boat back. I had run away before and the end result was not pretty. After a somewhat emotional goodbye we agreed to meet again….


Not easily distracted by shiny things… Mr Obsessed diaries episode one: The Build Up.

As A Woman Scorned #4 I have had my fair share of boyfriends who find it perfectly acceptable to treat me like an accessory and try and make up for it by buying me accessories. Like I need a reminder?!

I have had a few long-ish term boyfriends who have all in their own unique ways given me a million and one reasons to turn my back on men, just as I was about to I had the privilege of meeting my current boyfriend probably dooming me to the species forever more.

The Mr Obsessed Diaries are a recount of just why I was so nervous to look at another man ever again. An evil Ex.

Mr Obsessed Part 1:
The Build Up.

I had a boyfriend at the time who was 2 months younger than me that I had met in sixth form. We were reasonably happy aside from the jealousy which only escalated when me and Mr Obsessed re-gained contact after a few years of not talking due to life changes for us both. We hardly knew each other anyway.

It was all innocent so I thought. We chatted via social media which progressed to texts and calls which became more and more frequent until I was in way over my head.

There is an age gap North of 10 years and I clearly was in no time of my life to want the things he wanted. Marriage, Children, all that good stuff he had mentioned I tried to shake off. He knew I was in a relationship and almost held it against me to break it up. Not to mention he would take huge advantage of me being drunk and he would hold everything I said that I don’t remember saying as the word of the law.

But it was all so exciting, The thought of an older more mature guy totally into me. Hardly anyone knew we were speaking which made the next episode of this a little scary for everyone involved…