My Best Friend’s Brother

This was a bad idea from the minute he started grinding up against me in the club I was in with my best friend. Why we had decided to bring him out with us I have no idea – I think he was supposed to meet up with some of his friends. And didn’t.

So we get back to their parents house (both still living at home with the parents as this WAS a LONG time ago) and my best friend and I go to bed together. We always did this when I stayed over and there was absolutely nothing to it, it was completely innocent. I however was on this night *diverted* to the brother’s room across the hallway.

Funny business ensued after which I made my way back to my shared bed with my best friend / his sister. Yes, I know all the “keeping it in the family” type jokes…

I’d like to say this was a one off, but it wasn’t. However, it eventually became a lesson learnt that I’ve not gone back on to this day – relatives of close friends are off limits.

But, this story has an amusing ending. One of the next girls the brother slept with gave him a STD, so my best friend and I got to repeatedly laugh at him, together, and our bond was restored.


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