Month: December 2014

Incident Fifteen: “Don’t you remember?”

(Apologies for the long hiatus)

There was this one time I went to visit Mr Weirdo at his Uni. He had just started the second year of his course and the student accomodation he had landed was pretty nice, as far as student places go.

I had travelled 3 hours to get there and was feeling tired. I have a medical condition which means on occassion I get very dizzy and disoriented and confused and sometimes pass out. I sometimes get so confusedI don’t recognise I am getting unwell. I felt a biy headachey and tired so I sat on his bed to read a book whilst he played games on his computer in the background. I soon drifted off and fell unconcious.

Luckily when this happens, my liver eventually floods out a back up supply of sugar into the body to bring it back round. It can sometimes take a while but it’s a good back up to have. You wake up as though you’ve been asleep but with a pounding headache and feeling very weak and ill.

On this occassion, I woke up and felt cold. Really cold. I opened my eyes and realised the window was open. And I was naked. Um. What the hell??

I sat up and pulled a blanket over me. My clothes were all over the floor and my head hurt so bad I could barely move. Not to be too graphic but there was a slightly uncomfortable sensation further down too.

Mr Weirdo was back on his computer as though nothing had happened, although his jumper was off and slung on the floor too.

“What happened?” I asked. I knew, I think, deep down I did know. But I was still so groggy and confused I couldn’t really believe it.

He turned and grinned mischevously, like a schoolboy playing a prank.

“Don’t you remember?” He said, “We had sex and then you said you were tired so I let you sleep”

“I was reading my book…” I looked around for it and saw it was on his desk, next to the computer. I was feeling really sick by now.

“I think I was having a hypo…”

He laughed. He actually laughed.

“Oh shit,” he goes, “Well, you didn’t say no”

I tried to process it, but at that time I couldn’t. Pathetic as it sounds, it took me years to come back to it. Back then, I just needed to focus on the immediate issues to cope.

“Shut the window,” I muttered, “It’s fucking freezing”


The New Dating Website

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